Guy Who Spied on Occupy Wall Street for FBI and NYPD

Occupy Wall Street Poster
Right from the beginning of Occupy Wall Street protests began on September 17, 2011, a New York based computer security expert, Thomas Ryan helped the FBI and NYPD in tracking protesters' moves. Thomas Ryan gained managed to get access to one of the Occupy Wally protesters' internal mailing lists. He then delivered data to NYPD as well as corporations targeted by protesters.

Thomas Ryan described himself so-called contractor who renders similar assignments for the U.S. Army. He boasted on his blog that he is the head of a team called "Black Cell". He describes that this is a team of the most-highly trained and capable physical, threat and cyber security professionals in the world."

Despite having their high-tech "Black Cell" team, he and his computer security companions have been attending Occupy Wall Street meetings, observing social media accounts of organizers, and spending time with protesters in Lower Manhattan.

During this intelligence-gathering operation, this high-tech team got access to the Occupy Wall Street organizers' discussion forum, September17discuss. On September17discuss, organizers discusses tactics and plan events, conduct examination of media appearances, and interact about the latest protest gossip. On September 14, Ryan leaked thousands of emails of the group September17discuss to Andrew Breitbart, a conservative blogger, who is now trying to discover any an anarchist conspiracy behind Occupy Wall Street movement to upset global markets.

Read in detail about Thomas Ryan's detailed story about the Guy Who Snitched on Occupy Wall Street to the FBI and NYPD

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